Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn't the entire News-Journal available online?

A: Well it is...for subscribers. Most people still like to grab a cup of coffee, kick back in the recliner and read The News-Journal. There's just something about a printed newspaper. So we prefer to put our efforts in the printed version. We hope you'll subscribe to the printed version. I mean, what a deal! It's 75 cents per week inside Hoke County, and when you're done with the paper you can wrap fish or line the bird cage. Subscribe today! For those too far away for quick postal service, or those who just prefer the convenience of reading online, we offer a PDF service. Remember, it's for subscribers of the print version. Sign up here if you're already a print subsciber. By the way, we offer the PDF version free to deployed soldiers.)

Q: How did you decide what to put on the web?

A: We hope you'll use our website to communicate with us -- to send us news releases, tips, classified ads, birth announcements, letters to the editor and to subscribe. We also included a few items that quite frankly shouldn't have to wait a week--obituary news for example.

Q: Why aren't old stories on the web? A variation of this is "Why isn't your archive online?" or "Is your archive online?"

A: We DO have an archive, thankyouverymuch, but putting it online would be a formidable task for our limited-size staff, and converting microfilm would cost too much. If you really want to research old stories, microfilm versions of The News-Journal dating to the 20s are in the Hoke Public Library. If you really really really need to access an electronic version dating back to around 1988, contact: ken[at]

And get this: some old issues are online at a state-hosted site. It's here.

Q: Can I email you a picture or story?

A: Yes! Use this link, available from our website:

send stories

Q: Why do you have a webcam that shows the post office?

A: First, that's what's outside our window. Second, we have a number of readers, particularly deployed soldier, who long for a view of home -- any ol' view-- and we're happy to oblige. And third, sometimes folks in other parts of the world want to see what the weather is like in Raeford. In fact, the webcam is a webcam.

Q: Is that really Bubba's name?

A: Yes